hosting for live broadcast

20 Feb

Many people through tut the world are using this as the host for their media files. There are lots of brands that are also using this we hosting service for the publication of their media files. People also find easy to get the media content from the web hosts like wowza easily. Here, you can find media content of almost everything. You will get live streaming videos, fresh artist videos, audio contents, live radio broadcasting and other media content. The publication of all these media content is done easily and effectively. There are people that rely on wowza hosting for the purpose of the publication of their media content. There are several nifty features that are provided by this web host.

The latest version of the wowza media server is extremely efficient and advanced. The new version of wowza i.e. Wowza Media Server 2, is the powerful media hosting server present over internet. There are several additions to the latest version of Wowza Media Server 2. The latest version, version 3.0 has got all the advance methods of media sharing with lots of features. The main features include the use of DVR technology and live transcoding. These are the tow latest additions to the web host. There is also an advanced feature known as DMR plug-in function, which is also added in the latest version of Wowza Media Server.

There are following features that are offered by this web host:

• The best feature offered by this web host is large space availability. There is unlimited space that can be used by the users here for the uploading of their media files. With the lowest amount of money, you will get storage space availability of 10 GB. This is an exceedingly beneficial feature of the wowza hosting.