HLS vs RTMP Server

HTTP Cons:

1. HLS has latency which is relatively high when compared to RTMP.

2. The performance of HLS on other platforms is minimal when compared to the performance on iOS only.

Depending upon the device support, security features, playback capability and more, you can choose between these two.

Real-Time Messaging Protocol (RTMP) is a standard originally developed by Macromedia in the mid-200s. Designed for streaming audio and video in the mid-2000s, this protocol is frequently referred to simply as Flash. Macromedia later merged with Adobe, which now develops RTMP as a semi-open standard.

For much of the past decade, RTMP was the default video streaming method on the internet. Only with the recent rise of HLS have we seen a decline in the usage of RTMP. Even today, most streaming video hosting services work with RTMP ingestion. In other words, you deliver your stream to your online video platform in RTMP stream format. From there, your OVP usually delivers your stream to your viewers via HLS.

When to use HLS streaming?
We recommend adopting the HLS streaming protocol all of the time. It is the most up-to-date and widely used protocol for media streaming. It does have one disadvantage, which we mention above–HLS has a relatively higher latency than some other protocols. This means that HLS streams are not quite as “live.” In fact, with HLS viewers can experience delays of up to 30 seconds (or more, in some cases). However, for most broadcasters this isn’t a problem. The vast majority of live streams can handle a delay like that without causing any sort of user dissatisfaction.

HLS streaming

Streaming to mobile devices
HLS is mandatory for streaming to mobile devices and tablets. Given that mobile devices now make up the majority of internet traffic (around 75% of traffic in 2017), HLS is essential for these users as well.

Using an HTML5 video player
We’ve written extensively about the transition from Flash-based video (usually delivered via RTMP) to HTML5 video (usually delivered using HLS). Check out this blog for more on that subject, including why it’s important to use an HTML5 video player.

HLS streaming

If you’re streaming over the RTMP Server, don’t worry! You’re already using a fully compatible HTML5 video player. Content delivered via RTMP Server defaults to HTML5 delivery. However, it will use Flash as a backup method if HTML5 is not supported on a given device or browser. This means that even older devices will have no problem playing your content over your RTMP Server account.

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red5 news

Red5 is a media server created with Java language. It is a free open source software but recently a new version Red5 Pro came out developed by the same people, this new version supports streaming to mobiles, Android or iOS, which red5 does not. The Red5 Pro is commercial product and costs $55 per server.

A media server allows Flash based applications connect to it using Real Time Messaging Protocol (RTMP). The server can send and receive data to and from the connected users who have a flash player installed. The server also allows users to receive and publish streams. This permits video chat applications, live streaming and even ondemand video streaming.

Most common Video chat software’s are:
1- Avchat
2- Videowhisper
3- Prochatrooms
4- Gchats

For live streaming the necessary tool if you already have a server with red5 installed is an encoder, an encoder is the software that will connect your computer to the red5 server using the RTMP, which your server provider will give you.
1- FMLE, it is an free Adobe product and does a good job.
2- Wirecast, it is an expensive commercial product of very high quality, absolutely necessary if you starting a TV station.

Although red5 is a free product many people prefer to use Wowza Streaming Engine or Adobe Flash Media Server which are commercial software’s and can be quite expensive, the FMS costs $4500 per server. The reason is that the developers of red5 although have created a wonderful system did not spend much time with tutorials and instructions on how to install and manage a red5 server, for this reason if you searching for a red5 server we suggest you pick a web host which specializes on red5 servers and red5 shared hosting.

1- Red5 Servers relatively cheap red5 servers starting at $15 a month.
2- Red5 Hosting, Hosting Marketers, a web host for experienced webmasters, it is the oldest hosting company specialized on Video and media servers, they also offer Wowza Streaming Engine on its shared plans. They have a very experienced customer support and a reputation for going out of their way to help customers. They starting plan with Red5 enabled costs $9.95 a month. Most other red5 hosting companies are resellers of Hosting Marketers.

Red5 is a formidable media server, extremely flexible and has the advantage of being a free product with with many people working on developing it, for now the main version does not yet work with mobiles, if that is what you need we suggest that instead of using the Red5 Pro version to use the Wowza instead. Hosting Marketers also offers Wowza, in fact they even offer a 3 days free trial.

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Premier Video Hosting US Company Hosting Marketers, Offers Free Wowza Demo Account for 3 Days (via SBWire)

New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/18/2013 -- Hosting Marketers Inc, a company that has been providing web hosting, domain registration and design & development solutions since 1999, is now offering a free Wowza demo account to display the capability of its live streaming services. The company has been…

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Numerous Advantages Of Using Wowza Server

As there are many sources available in this internet world to watch various types of videos, only the video websites that provide uninterrupted streaming of live videos will be chosen as the right source to watch videos by every internet user. Most of the video website owners are looking for the right wowza server and wowza hosting provider to host their website that contain millions of videos. Websites that have millions of stored videos and live videos must be hosted in the best web server like wowza server . This wowza server is the right source to host any kind of video website since there are many sources available in it. Hosting the video websites in the wowza server that follow wowza hosting technique is really a challenging one where most of the service providers will fail to achieve that.
Both wowza server s and red5 server have the capability to stream maximum number of videos in the websites at a time to benefit every interested user since the best wowza hosting technique is used. People who are with real interest to watch the videos in internet will find out the right video sites which are being hosted under the concept of wowza hosting that allow multiple users to watch videos from the available sites. In such kind wowza hosting, there are many types of websites available in internet. The shared wowza hosting is one type website hosting which is not much convenient one for video based websites. Video sites which are being hosted on shared wowza hosting will face many difficulties like security, streaming speed and many others. Only the dedicated wowza hosting will have the capability to store maximum data in your site and also those data will be much safe and secured. The wowza hosting with dedicated wowza server will be the right choice for every video website owners to host their websites with many videos. Utilizing the dedicated wowza server and wowza hosting for storing thousands of videos in your websites will really help every internet user to watch all the videos without any difficulty. With the help of such server, there is chance for every website owner to attain a complete safe and secure video website without facing interruption at the time of video streaming.
Most of the website owners will prefer dedicated wowza hosting for their video based websites which will allow internet users to watch all types of video very easily without spending lot of time until the video get buffered. Finding out the best wowza hosting service providers in internet will really help everyone to attain some tremendous video providing sites by hosting those sites in a dedicated wowza hosting server. The highly reputable shared wowza hosting service providers and dedicated wowza hosting service providers will never hesitate to assist the website owners any point of time when they are hosting their websites in such wowza server . The website and data will be protected in excellent manner only under the guidance of wowza hosting service provider.

hosting for live broadcast

Many people through tut the world are using this as the host for their media files. There are lots of brands that are also using this we hosting service for the publication of their media files. People also find easy to get the media content from the web hosts like wowza easily. Here, you can find media content of almost everything. You will get live streaming videos, fresh artist videos, audio contents, live radio broadcasting and other media content. The publication of all these media content is done easily and effectively. There are people that rely on wowza hosting for the purpose of the publication of their media content. There are several nifty features that are provided by this web host.

The latest version of the wowza media server is extremely efficient and advanced. The new version of wowza i.e. Wowza Media Server 2, is the powerful media hosting server present over internet. There are several additions to the latest version of Wowza Media Server 2. The latest version, version 3.0 has got all the advance methods of media sharing with lots of features. The main features include the use of DVR technology and live transcoding. These are the tow latest additions to the web host. There is also an advanced feature known as DMR plug-in function, which is also added in the latest version of Wowza Media Server.

There are following features that are offered by this web host:

• The best feature offered by this web host is large space availability. There is unlimited space that can be used by the users here for the uploading of their media files. With the lowest amount of money, you will get storage space availability of 10 GB. This is an exceedingly beneficial feature of the wowza hosting.

wowza streaming hosting

Hosting Marketers has started offering on all its hosting plans including hybrid servers wowza hosting. Wowza has the advantage of red5 that it can stream to Apple devices, iphones and iPads.

Stream Types

In Wowza Media Server 3, MediaStreams represent an incoming or outgoing stream of video, audio or metadata. Wowza Server provides a mechanism for defining custom server-side MediaStream implementations or stream types. These stream types are configured using the Streams/StreamType property in the Application.xml file. The following table lists the more commonly used stream types and their intended use (for a complete list, consult the User’s Guide):

  • default: Video on demand streaming of static Flash media, H.264/AAC and MP3 content
  • record: Video recording
  • live: Publish and play live video content (best for one-to-many streaming of live events)
  • live-lowlatency: Publish and play live video content (best for one-to-one or one-to-few video/audio chat applications)
  • live-record: Same as live plus content will be recorded
  • shoutcast: Audio re-streaming of a SHOUTcast/Icecast MP3 or AAC+ audio stream
  • shoutcast-record: Same as shoutcast plus content will be recorded
  • liverepeater-origin: Origin stream type used by live stream repeater to deliver a single streaming using origin/edge configuration
  • liverepeater-edge: Edge stream type used by live stream repeater to deliver a single stream using origin/edge configuration
  • rtp-live: Re-streaming of an RTSP/RTP, native RTP or MPEG-TS stream
  • rtp-live-record: Same as rtp-live plus content will be recorded


Supported Media

Wowza Media Server 3 supports the following media file formats: FLV (Flash Video), MP4 (QuickTime container) and MP3 content (see table below for common file extensions). To play video on demand content, the proper prefix must be prepended to the file name to create a stream name. For example to play the MP4 file mycoolvideo.mov use the stream name mp4:mycoolvideo.mov. The following table lists the more common file type prefixes (for a complete list consult the User’s Guide):

  • flv: FLV (Flash Video – this is the default media type so the qualifier and the file extension can be omitted)

    Example: “flv:mycoolvideo.flv”

  • mp4: MP4 (QuickTime container – .mp4, .f4v, .mov, .m4v, .mp4a, .3gp, and .3g2)

    Example: “mp4:mycoolvideo.mov”

  • mp3: MP3 (.mp3)

    Example: “mp3:mycoolsong.mp3”

  • smil: SMIL (XML files used to configure multi-bitrate streams – .smil)

Please visit Wowza Hosting for more information.

Red5 Hosting

For some time now some hosts started to offer red5 on some their hosting plans. Red5 allows video streaming or TV broadcast.

To offer red5 it is necessary high quality servers with loads of RAM and a good CPU not forgetting a server capable of large bandwidth.

This new wave of red5 hosting is a necessary component for video streaming, and it has become popular on video chatting sites or tv live broadcast.

Most users of red5 hosting are in need of a rtmp path to connect their applications to the red5 server. Hosting Marketers offers rtmp hosting to their customers.

RTMP path is not a link for streaming videos, it is a path to a a folder on red5 which will allow your red5 application to connect to red5 on our servers.